“I have been a client of Basically Yours for 12 years.  I was put on the Basically Yours skin care products by Carmen back in 2004 when I was pregnant with my daughter, we were discussing my skin issues during my waxing. Carmen tried for 4 years to get me to try her skin care products and when I had no success with the products I was using I finally said yes to Basically Yours skin care.

Carmen believed in her products so much that she let me take the entire line home without paying for it, and told me to try it and if I like it I could come in and pay her on my next visit in or if I was not happy with the products return them to her.  I took the products home with me and began my strict regime I was amazed with the results I was getting and wished I had listen to her sooner.  So I went back and paid for the Basically Yours skin care products for it was the best purchase I had made.

Basically Yours skin care line is an effective and reliable product that I trust beyond no other. I have combination acne prone/rosacea and sensitive skin and before going on the line I could not find a single product to control my skin.

Basically Yours products go on nicely and does not leave any residue and absorbs quickly.  Since using this line I have had compliments on how clear my skin appears and I feel more confident with my clear skin. I had Carmen put my daughter on the skin care line as well.

Carmen is consistently able to consult and provide suggestions when I run into problems and changes with my skin by modifying the line to meet my skin care needs. My favourite is the 10 minute calming mask which goes on lightly and dries so fast and easy to wipe off, it calms the redness and itch from my face and neck. The cucumber eye cream is phenomenal it works so quickly for calming the puffiness around my eyes, that by the time I am finished doing my morning routine my eyes are back to normal.  The daily wash and toner cleanses my skin so well that when using a make-up pad the pad is usually clean even on the hottest of days.

I have been asked by friends to try new skin care products or lines and not on my life would I switch from Basically Yours products after 12 years! I would hands down suggest anyone try the Basically Yours products and you will never want to go back your old line.”

Daniela, Age 43
“I have been using Basically Yours products — which includes the cleanser, toner and moisturizer — for about twenty years. My skin feels really clean and looks very healthy and refreshed.  It never gets old when another woman says “Your skin is so smooth and beautiful looking.”  I look and feel younger than my 65 years. I would definitely recommend these products. Thank you Carmen.”
Judy, Age 65

“I have been a client of Basically Yours for over 30 years and have been using their skin care line for all these years.

I can honestly say that the products are amazing. Their ingredients are wonderful. I can also state that I cannot function without my skin care line especially my favourite which is the Collagen Crème that Basically Yours makes.    I have extremely dry skin and the Collagen Crème is amazing on my skin.

I have never had any issues with break outs when using their line. Basically Yours has advised me properly on the skin care line to use based on my skin type. I have a young daughter and will be starting her on their skin care line very shortly.

The owner of Basically Yours is highly educated in their products and services and I have recommended numerous individuals to use their products and services.

I am almost 55 years old and I have been told I look 10 years younger and this is all because of the skin care line I use. I have used many of their products and they all make my skin look amazing and youthful.

I am 100% satisfied with their products and would highly recommend to anyone wanting to use their products and services.”

Lorida, Age 54

“I have been a customer of Basically Yours for 33 years. I first tried their product for my wedding. The products were excellent, and endured a hot summer day in July.  Over the next few years I experimented with various products that had promising commercials and came in nice and shiny packages. Soon after I would experience break outs and would return to my original products from Basically Yours. I have spent thousands of dollars on potions and my make-up drawer was full.  But as the years went by I found myself returning to Basically Yours products as I had the best results with them.  Like any product the initial price is high as you must purchase the basics to get you started. I can honestly say that the products last a long time, and have great results. Over all the cost is cheaper over the years.

The day that I stopped experimenting with the shiny packages, my skin problems went away.  My son and my daughter both started using Basically Yours products as part of their daily routine.  As long as they used the products they did not experience breakouts associated with teens.  All three of us continue to use the products every day, and I can honestly say they are the best.

My kid’s friends seeing the results also inquired about the products, and have been persuaded by the results to stay on them as part of their daily routine.”


“I have been using Basically Yours skin care line for over 30 years. I had suffered from really bad cystic acne when I was in my teens. I sought out medical advice and was on all kinds of medications, medicated soaps, that were not working for me.  Carmen said if I started her skin care line I had to get off of the medication and soaps, I would have to follow a strict skin care regime that required me cleansing twice a day with her products.  I started the skin care line right away and within weeks my skin was looking better than ever it was smooth and the acne was almost all gone, that happened to be the best success rate I had in years.

Well I am now in my fifties and all I get are complements on how young I look and how smooth skin is followed by “what’s your secret?”  Basically Yours is always introducing new products that we need as we age and the new anti-aging creams and serums are remarkable.  I have woken up to swollen eyes and the cucumber eye crème has helped the swelling go down.  I have used the masks, serums, and the Apple stem cell brightening serum has diminished the pigmentation marks so now I feel good about my skin.

The best thing is if you need advice all you need to do is text, phone, email or just simply go by to the spa and get advice from Carmen there is nothing she would not do to help her clients achieve great skin.

I look forward to many more years with Basically Yours skin care products.”

Jen, Age 57

“28 years ago when I was a young woman with no concern for regular skin care.

I used a bit of everything from various skincare lines and had poor skin as a result.

Carmen took the time to explain the importance of a skin care regime and how her product line works together to improve skin condition. I thought I would give it a try and began regular facials along with the Basically Yours product line for my skin type.

Carmen’s knowledge of product and application techniques, along with her passion for women to look and feel their best, has given me healthy, beautiful skin throughout each hormonal stage and the skin care challenges they bring.

I can rely on Carmen’s skin care line and her regular facials to give me the healthy skin I have today.  I no longer battle large blackheads, pimples or excessive facial lines as I age.

Carmen continues to gain knowledge in her profession as an esthetician/product owner and passes this on to her Clients.  She is compassionate and personable always giving individualized service.  I receive many compliments on my skin and am continually asked what product I use and where do I go?  My reply, “Carmen Cifani of Basically Yours Spa and Wellness Centre, someone I trust.”


“My entire life, I have had very, very dry skin. Now in my 50’s and entering into menopause, it was becoming worse. I was looking tired and much older.

The Basically Yours skin care line has done an excellent job keeping my issue under control over the years… Therefore I knew what was needed, a consultation with the Professional, Carmen Cifani. This talented woman has remarkably taken years off in the past, therefore no surprise when a solution was provided. The REAL surprise was how quickly it worked; within 2 days the tightness was gone and the lines were dissipating. My skin felt soft and looked dewy, it was like a miracle.

So very grateful to Carmen, FANTASTIC new line of skin care.

Doing my happy dance!!”

Donna, Age 53

“I am an underwater hockey and rugby player.  I swim in chlorinated water, 3 times a week, and have been doing this sport for 20 years. It is a fitness sport that I enjoy, however, there is always a consequence with time. It’s called dry skin. Dry skin is unattractive, uncomfortable and unhealthy, which causes the skin to age prematurely.

My girlfriend is a customer of Carmen’s and is a daily disciplined user of the Basically Yours skin care products. Carmen told her that the anti-oxidants found in Vitamin C heals and restores the skin.

I believe, what is good for the face is also good for the body.  So to avoid further damage to my dull and lifeless skin, I began using my girlfriend’s skin products; Gentle Cleanser, followed by the Honey & Almond Scrub on my face and body.  After rinsing, I apply freshener, moisturizer and Vitamin C.

Now my skin is rehydrated.  My skin has become more vibrant and I’ve noticed the reversing damage caused by years of exposure to chlorinated water.”


“I am a regular skin care customer of Basically Yours for over 25 years. I can honestly say, that Basically Yours continues to enhance the skin care line for all age groups and all skin types.

As an acne sufferer, I was always willing to try anything once. Today, I have my acne under control, by committing to a daily discipline of Facial Cleansing to gently remove dirt, oils and makeup, followed by a Soothing Lotion and Moisturizer. This process reduces the buildup of skin oil bacteria which produces pimples and pore congestions. Once a week I enjoy pampering my face at home by cleansing, applying a gentle exfoliation scrub, relaxing under a cooling mask, then finishing with lotion and moisturizer. End result, I love the glow of the skin and more importantly how smooth, soft and silky my skin feels. These recommended skin care products keeps my acne breakouts at bay and my face always looking fresh and youthful.

Now in my late 50’s, we can all see the perils of aging and changes to the skin’s tone and texture. As an add-in or enhancement to my daily skin discipline,  I have been recommended to use DMAE cream to lift and tighten the skin, along with the Collagen Vitamin C serum to prevent sagging, wrinkles and fine lines. When people ask my age, they are always surprised. They assumed that I was much younger by 10 years.”


“The first time I met Carmen was in 1988. I was pregnant and my face was dry, red and irritated. I had tried different products, but they didn’t seem to work and were quite expensive.  As soon as I saw Carmen, she knew what the problem was.  She put me on her skin care and I could see a dramatic change that evening.  I have been on Basically Yours Skin Care ever since.  I am always receiving compliments on my skin. Carmen is very knowledgeable, always educating herself on the newest products/systems.  She is kind hearted and a loyal and true friend.

Nancy, Age 52

“Although I am Carmen’s niece, my recommendation for her skincare line is in no way biased. Ever since my first pimple, she’s been my skin guru (amongst many other things, of course).

Throughout the years, I’ve tried many of the “trendy” products that all my friends used including other brands but always kept coming back to her. Her line really does work wonders. Not only are the products amazing, but she really does know it all. I have called her at any and all hours when I’m in a skin crisis, and she always has a remedy or solution. I also can’t even count the numerous times I’ve been with her and she has had a client or friend call or text for the same thing. When you use her line, it’s like you’re also getting your own consultant with it. I’ve never been around her with a client who didn’t also seem to feel like a friend as well.

In terms of the skin care line itself, it’s something I have been using for over 15 years. It has helped me with everything from acne to sun damage, and now preventative aging. There really is something for everyone.

I could not recommend any skin care or someone to care for your skin more than this line and this person.”

Julia, Age 28

“I have been a client with Basically Yours over 20 years.  I never had a skin problem but I would break out with terrible huge like cysts  under my  bangs. I tried all kinds of skincare from department stores to demonstrations.  Nothing satisfied  my face, until I was introduced to Basically Yours skincare.   Since using Basically Yours, the cysts went away and  my skin feels and  looks fabulous. People ask me “how old are you?” I reply, 64 years old. They respond wow! I would have thought you were in your early fifties. Your skin has no wrinkles. Even my husband has noticed other women my age and always comments how great my skin looks. I truly recommend Basically Yours skincare hands down!”

Margaret, Age 64

“I struggled with low self-esteem most of my teenage life.  I started getting mild to moderate acne at age 14.  My neighbour told me about a place in Hamilton that might  be able to help me.  I’ve  tried everything prescribed by doctors and dermatologists, from creams to oral antibiotcs.    Some prescription creams irritated my skin, making my condition much worse.  I never stayed on any treatment for long due to the irritation.  My last resort was Bascially Yours.  I started with a facial.  Carmen took the time to analyse my skin, asking me questions about my skin care, diet and exercise.  She told me how she struggled with acne herself and that is the reason she got into skin care.  I started the skin care line right away.  I noticed a change right after my facial. My skin felt light and soft.  I noticed bigger results after a few weeks.  My skin was no longer red and irritated.  I started using the skin care line at 19 and still continue to this day.  I am now 43, and I still get compliments from family and friends on how young I look.

The skin care line works remarkably well.  I spend a lot of time in the sun with my family.  By the end of the summer my skin looks tired, but since I started using the Lactic Cleanse with the C Factor Cream the brown spots that started to creep around my eyes and nose are fading.  My skin looks youthful and radiant.  I am a true believer in taking care of yourself inside and out and these products just make it easier.  I have passed on this knowledge to my daughters, Nadia, 13 and Rianna, 10.  Nadia now also uses and is a firm believer in Carmen’s skin care line and services.”

Monica, Age 43

“I have had rosacea for many years and it only seems to be getting worse.  My skin is always red and I get painful bumps that take a week or two to get rid of on my cheeks and nose.  Also, I apply liquid foundation anywhere from 2-4 times per day as well as powder 3-8 times per day to try to make my skin look better, I am so self-conscious.  After only about 1 week of using the right combination of products from Basically Yours my skin improved so much that I  use liquid foundation once per day and powder only a couple of times to freshen up and no bumps or acne!!  I am so happy with the change in my skin after such a short time I cannot wait to see the difference as the weeks go on.  Carm also provided me with information about foods to eat and avoid to help improve my skin ongoing.  I am thrilled with the results and the genuine interest in my concern, thanks Carm!!”


“It was Carmen who first diagnosed my skin as having a mild form of rosacea.  For years I felt embarrassed about my skin with the appearance of redness in my face particularly my cheeks.  Extreme temperatures and especially working in an overheated office environment made my skin worse. … Persistent redness, dryness burning and stinging.  Since using the Rosacea skin line for the past months my skin much more hydrated and noticed a visible difference and reduction in symptoms.  Carmen recognizes my skin needs are different as seasons change. She knowledgeable and takes the time to review my skin care needs as needed.  Thanks Carmen for all your help!”

Lina, Age 57

“I am a very active 14 year old teenager. I play hockey pretty much 8 months of the year. I always struggle with acne since my face is often exposed to sweat from sports and the weather.   I’m very self-conscious of the way my face looks.

I’ve been using Basically Yours skin care products since I was 9 years old , however this year I was introduced to their new and improved skin care products. I think this line is awesome. I am an avid user of this product line starting with daily facial wash, toner and my favourite “the pumpkin mask”. All of the skin care products are made with the best ingredients and you can see the results.

I highly recommend this skin care line to everyone but especially to all active teenagers. You will not regret it.”

Luca, Age 14