The Basically Yours skin care line wasn’t developed by some marketing firm with an eye to how much profit can be made. Instead it was developed by Carmen Cifani, an aesthetician who had felt the pain of her own skin care issues as a teen. Working with a supplier, she helped formulate the products she had been looking for. From these initial products, a complete skin care line was then developed.

Carmen continues to be passionate about skin concerns, and listens to her own clients’ feedback. That has allowed her to continue to refine her product line over 30 years, based on real world results and feedback.

In 2015 she began a relationship with a new supplier that could meet her expanding needs and sales doubled. As clients moved about the country, Carmen found herself mailing products far and wide, and an idea was born.

growingThis website fulfills her desire to bring healthier skin to a wider range of people. Simply put, the Basically Yours Skin Care regime is a system that works. With Basically Yours, you are not paying for fancy packaging, slick marketing, or false promises. What you get is tested, tried and true products that can make a difference in the health of your skin, how you look, and most importantly, how you feel.

Best of all, Basically Yours remains the mission of one woman, and Carmen still reviews every comment we receive personally.